28 years ago I went to Africa

Hey folks, while I was traveling down under, I took the time to write and remember experiences that meant alot to my life. I have not shared this piece as of yet, but remember it like it was yesterday. Enjoy taking this exploration with me…

 Silverback 2

Meeting Miashi

It’s 9:00AM and the heat is already 50degrees Celsius. The foliage is wet with dew and the slight wind carries exotic smells and sounds. Picture yourself following 6 tall lean black men carrying machetes, through dense tropical jungle. All of your senses are alive, as the guide turns and says “we’re very close to him” in a French dialect you can barely understand. You pass the word back to the eight people behind you and the energy flow becomes intense. Everyone in the group freezes in their tracks and all breaths are held in. Then you hear, “There he is. Don’t make any sudden movements and remember if he charges, hold your ground. Do NOT Run!”. We have finally met face to face with the extraordinary creature we have been searching for, the king of the apes.

            My heart feels as though it will leave my chest and my mind is alienated from my physical being. He is massive! His head must be a foot wide and two feet long. I can’t even guess his weight or height, as he makes a dash for his next culinary delight, by the bamboo tree. We gingerly follow him with great curiosity , but he’s getting a little annoyed now. All he wants to do is have his lunch, without being stared at by strange creatures, but we don’t give up that easily. The other members of the mountain gorillas watch from afar. They’re much smaller that this great Silver Back and await his approval for their approach.

            He’s just not in the mood for people and gives us a warning, by showing his long sharp teeth, accompanied by low guttural sounds. I close my eyes and hold my ground. Then he charges us. Every hair on my body stands on end and I choke for air. It’s all I can do to NOT run, but as he gets closer I’m not sure that I can continue it. Then there’s dead silence. He stops, tilts his great head to the side and gives an erie sort of smile. He’s only playing with us, but what a game! I wake up my numb body parts and my camera goes to work. What a fabulous creature! As he makes his move throughout the forest, the other apes, us included, follow along for nearly an hour. This great ape sends a message loud and clear, as he picks up a tree stump and throws it toward us. Yes, finally he’s becomes bored and leaves us again. It’s been an amazing stay and time for us to return to the safety of our truck.

            The walk back is difficult, as we are all wet, bitten and exhausted. When we reach the clearing, I feel as though it was all a dream. No one back home will understand, or be able to relate to this. I’m only glad that my camera didn’t break on me this time. Being within two feet of a species of gorilla, which is on the endangered list, is like no high on this earth. I travelled half way around the world to learn and be educated in ways I’d never imagined.

            This story is a true experience of that learning. The country is Zaire, in the middle of the Dark Continent. I left Canada for four months to join an ‘Encounter Overland’ tour to explore Africa. Ten of us from different countries around the world, travelled in a four wheel drive, redone Bedford army truck together. We learned to cook over fires, after we learned how to cut down dead trees & saw up the wood. We pulled water alongside the local people, and haggled in the markets with folks we couldn’t even understand. With each sunrise and sunset, we would be enriched by yet another mind expanding task. All of us grew in strength and stamina because we had to. During the days the weather was unbearable because of the burning heat, torrential rains, blistering sandstorms and countless hungry bugs. But night time was wonderful! In the desert, the earth seemed to stop, as there were no stirrings from creatures or elements. Only the stars moved with their streaks of trailing light across the sky, or a sweet twinkling every now and again. Opposing this, the jungle came to life at night. It was phenomenal, although sleeping was a challenge at best.. The breaking of branches and screeching vocalizations, from animals we couldn’t identify, kept us manning our fires all night. But what extraordinary nights they were!

            Seeing first hand the basics of survival, brought me to my knees. Sweet Africa, you’ve changed me from the inside out. You’ve shown me the importance of community and my love for nature deepened into respect and humility. My heart was opened up and I am grateful for the push that you’ve given me, into being more aware. I look forward to seeing you again one day, with different eyes.

June 1986- Kahuzi Biega, Zaire Africa, Rumi Imageby Shelley Hines (23 years of age at the time of this writing)

            Just an FYI, the great silverback gorilla, Miashi was named by the authorities, due to the small numbers existing in the world. Upon returning to Canada, we got news that this beautiful animal was killed by poachers. My heart was broken and saddened as I struggled with this great loss. I got the chance to grow again and this time in tolerance.          

            I have since learned how tenuous our precious ecosystem is and that we are all intricately connected. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. So please learn to love and respect yourself and this gracious gift will be shared with all. It is our supreme responsibility, as we are truly all in this together. Peace!!!




My last night in paradise… for now!

Image   Image AROHA… This is LOVE, in Maori   what an extraordinary time, day and life. Have I said this before? Well, if I have here it comes again… I am feeling so grateful and privileged to be vibrantly alive, healthy & loved. I have been able to give to others and it is returning to me tenfold. There is a gift in this giving and the joy that I get from helping others to let their hearts sing, is simply remarkable. Please know that you too can move mountains… we all can! For some of us the mountains can be great and the climb can seem long, but I just ‘know’ that it’s possible for all of us.Image

Coming to New Zealand has been absolutely mind boggling for me. I wept coming in on the plane and oh so many times since then. There is a magic to this land. An ancient connection with my heart. It’s been just over a month here on the south island and I haven’t even scratched the surface. Of course this means that I must return to continue this dream story another day. ImageImageImageImageImage

Everyone that I have stayed with, have been people in my network marketing business that I barely knew. Now I feel that there is more love on this planet and of course the expansiveness of what we get to do together, is brilliant. ImageImage

Today I lived another dream, I swam with hector dolphins. They are on the endangered species list and are only found down in New Zealand. We were in the wild waters of the pacific, amongst great hills on both sides, as we were joined by a pod of 8 beauties. I am still awaiting photos to share on this. You see, I used have a sleeping dream, that I was singing in the water and dolphins came all around me. I would awake ecstatic and thinking, “what an amazing dream”.. and now it has become reality. This is what leads me to believe that we can achieve remarkable feats, when we keep our eye on the prize. This was my birthday gift to myself and the best present ever. Image We all deserve to be honored and appreciated and it starts within each of us first. Please take the time to acknowledge yourself for who you are and the many precious gifts you have. We are all a work in progress and finding our way through the quagmire of life. Let’s support one another, for the rising tide lifts all boats!


I’m really excited to be moving on to the next part of my journey. I head back to Melbourne Australia tomorrow and then in one week, will find my way back to the arms of my soul mate, in the chilly winter’s end in New England. Don’t worry gang, I’m bringing the warm breezes back with me and intend to share the ‘light’ that I have been able to strengthen within myself. Image

My home business is also expanding, at the same time as my heart. I now truly realize that everything that happens inside of me, expresses itself through all avenues of my life. This inspires me to help others to truly step into themselves and do what makes them happy. My man always says, ‘do the right thing and the money will follow’. Kudos to you my love, for you have hit the nail on the head. I know that I’m doing the right thing and so I am putting out to you who are reading this, that I am in search of 3 new business partners… I welcome in, three awesome individuals who are fun & passionate about life and helping others while making a difference and making money and would love ‘playing’ with me in our awesome community. I am tenacious, loyal and committed and am waiting to stand beside you to help you let you heart sing. Who do you know that’s ready to change their game???

Send me a note so we can connect more about this. Image

Create your own rainbow, I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace, Blessings & Abundance… Always<3Image

Down Under… But NOT Down!!!


In New Zealand, I have visited Queenstown and Wanaka. I am currently in Christchurch, staying with an amazing woman (Franziska) and her family. She too shares health and wealth in the same business as I and although we have just met days ago, I feel that I found another soul sister. She is another of many, who are making a difference in the world.

People are simply amazing and we all have the potential to live a fantastic life. I’ve seen it over and over again, as I’m traveling through the southern hemisphere and deeper into myself. There is hope folks, I tell you, there IS hope!!!

Stepping out of my comfort zone and into possibility and hope for something greater, has been quite a challenge over this last year. Although I do take risks, living in a pattern has had its comfort spots for me. That is, until it no longer served me and things broke down around me.Image

You see my best friend/husband and I split up this past August and it tore my heart apart. I didn’t know why or what was really going on and I took it personally. I designed stories of ‘why’ it was happening, but got no satisfaction in an open communication about it. This left me with only two options, take care of myself and live for just me, or cry my heart out for the rest of my life in confusion. I chose the first one. Mind you, I still cried.


How do we find that center place? How do we know what’s right for us? Where do we begin? I love when we are flying on an airplane and they tell us ‘if the oxygen mask drops down, put yours on first and then you can help others’. Such a great analogy for life, don’t you think! That’s exactly what I decided that I needed to do.

I have amazing friends that hugged me in horror as I told them I was going to Australia and New Zealand from Boston and wasn’t certain about my return.

I had decided to live my dream, instead of staying on my knees in depression. Although, while down there, I did get in touch with my humility and saw the responsibility that I needed to take for my own life. After all, it is MY OWN LIFE. We dream alone, are born alone and die alone. We make our lives happen… or not.

Seeing that we need to step up and be bigger, takes lots of effort and action. I saw the issues, as I looked deeper. Talking about others, instead of to them is a dangerous game. We assume that we know the truth, when in actual fact, we simply may have a portion of it. None of us are really aware of the ultimate truth, when it is outside of ourselves. I’ve now recognized that I have been conditioned to behave and see life in a certain way. This has kept me in a place of living a decent life, but I’ve always known there was more that I could access.

There’s a sweet story about a caterpillar… one day the caterpillar looks up to see a beautiful butterfly and begins to crave and says “I wish I could be a butterfly. How amazing to be able to fly and be free. What do I need to do to become a butterfly?” The butterfly replies to the caterpillar “To become a butterfly, you must be willing to completely let go of being a caterpillar”. To fly, we must simply let go.

So I let go. I trusted that I am always taken care of and that I am safe. I listen to the universe giving me messages and when things are flowing easily, I am certain, that is what I need to do.  I am working on receiving more, so I can give more. My time, my money, my heart, my energy… it’s all out there for others to have. For I know that life is a circle and that we are truly all in this together. I choose to share it all with no expectation and because of this, it is being returned to me tenfold, with love.Image

My man and I have had a beautiful reconnecting of our hearts and I know that all is well, as it is simple and open. The more I have dug in my own dirt and owned my ‘stuff’ the more connected I am. I have learned that when I feel negative emotions, that I have ‘pinched’ myself off from my true nature, source and beauty. The other pearl that I want to share is that, we can change it if we really want to. ARE YOU READY FOR A CHANGE???? You don’t have to travel half way around the world, only to your own heart<3

Enjoy the pics from beautiful New Zealand. Love ShelleyImage


January 5, 2014

So, I had another amazing day today. I’m staying at my friends lovely healing center called ‘Awakened Presence Wellness’ in Caulfield, Victoria. Sweet vibes here! 2013-11-27 17.32.28I’m happy to have the space I need, to work deeply on myself and to be close enough to the ocean, that I can bike ride down. That’ll happen later this week. Watch for it…

2014-01-05 10.34.28    1388916080681Here’s a picture of  the view of the Labassa, the  Victorian Mansion that I get to look at out my window every2014-01-05 14.48.05day.

Went on a river boat along the Yarra1388916072049 in Melbourne with my sweet friend Vera!

Hope you can check out the little video that I’ve made. I’m having a challenge posting it here, so will do it on facebook. Any advice from you digital peeps is greatly appreciated. I want to try another way to communicate and although I enjoy writing, I’m a spontaneous gal and think it may be a better venue. Love to hear your thoughts!1388896619965 P.S. Have you met Rodney the beaver yet???? He’s come along for the ride too<3